Manufacture and testing

Manufacture and testing of samples

In addition, we provide services for the manufacture and testing of developed devices and programs.

  • production of printed circuit boards
  • purchase of components
  • mounting components on a printed circuit Board
  • production of plastic or metal cases
  • devices testing

Production of printed circuit boards and installation of components to PCB

Production of printed circuit boards

We manufacture of PCB on best plants in Russia and China.
The choice of plant depends on the technical capabilities, timing and cost of production.
PCB are manufactured according to all requirements of IPC standards
The plants have the most modern equipment and are able to produce PCB of 4,5,6 and 7 accuracy class.
PCB are manufactured according to the 2 (industrial) or 3 (military) reliability class of the IPC standard.
For manufacture of PCB used branded base materials certified by UL and RoHS.

Terms and cost of production of printed circuit boards

The production time of PCB depends on the complexity and is from 1 to 4 weeks. Additionally, you should take into account the time for delivery of PCB from 2 to 7 days.
The cost of PCB depends on a number of parameters and the ordered volume. The exact cost can only be obtained by having the project documentation.

Purchase and installation of components on PCB

All the necessary components we purchase independently from trusted suppliers, and then transferred to a suitable production site.

Device testing

Testing prototypes

Testing of the developed products is performed according to a pre-agreed scheme.

The following typical tests are carried out for the developed devices:

  • testing primary and secondary power supplies
  • memory testing
  • interface testing
  • preparation of software configuration, test firmware and operating system
  • thermal control – the ability of the case to remove a sufficient amount of heat from the components of the printed circuit board

Pre-series testing of samples

Additionally, we can conduct more complex tests that are needed for serial production your devices:

  • measuring the frequency spectrum of a signal
  • preliminary measurement of EMS and EMI in an anechoic chamber
  • tests in a climate chamber in a wide temperature range from -50 to +90 degrees Celsius

Cases prototype manufacturing

We are also ready to help with the production of prototype cases. Depending on the complexity of the project, the production of cases is carried out in Russia, China and the United States. Our specialists will order the production of prototypes using the following technologies:

  • milling of plastic or metal housings
  • printing plastic or metal cases
  • casting plastic cases in a silicone mold